2015 in Review

2015 is coming to the end, so I decided to sum up happenings and things I had learn in throughout this year related to programming.

End of Student life

Indeed this will be the last year of my student life (until March 2016, 3 more months to go). Being a student is really blissful. All you have to worry is to learn and feed yourself with knowledge everyday. Although I am not completely agree with Japanese education system but I had learn the most important thing in school - that is learning how to learn. In the next year (April 2016) I will start working in a Japanese IT company. Not sure what does working life is like but let’s face it.

Thing I built

2015 had been busy for me. There are 3 main projects which is worth mention or note down.

1. Tech-train

Although not release publicly, developing a programming quiz system made me learn a lot. I even wroted down a post for this. Although this project ends up releasing privately, it was a great learning.

2. react-d3

This one need another post for itself but to summarize it up: This is the first open source project which I had put in a lot of time. I had around 100 commits throughout the year and ends up being the maintainer currently. Maintaining an open source project is a lot harder than I think. Time and energy are needed as well as communication skill. Thanks to all open source maintainer around the world !!!

3. travee

I join travee as intern in the October of 2015. Working in a startup is a lot different with big company(had worked for a few in part time). You decide what stack is good and you just use it. Development in travee had been crazy and excited. In around 2 months, I added a few new technology into the stacks(redis, node.js, webpack) on top of the original PHP web framework (not going to mention here because I think this one sucks). This had also be my most busiest month to keep up school work simultaneously.


2015 has also been a very busy year for all JavaScript developer(I believe) because new framework/technology came out. It’s not possible to learn or keep track all the thing but I am glad I picked up a few which is really great.


Instead of react popularity, two third of my project had been using Vue.js. It hit 1.0 in 2015 and I adopted it into my project even before that. The greatest thing about Vue.js is simplicity. Low learning curve made all team members get productive quickly.


The concept introduced by Redux (developed by Dan Abramov) is the greatest thing I learned in 2015. Touching redux made me realise how declarative and simple is functional programming which lead me to the next exploration.


Mentioned in redux readme, Elm becomes the 4th programming language (since fortran, PHP, JavaScript) I learned in my life. This was the hardest. It took me quite a long time to get familiar with its syntax, concept and everything. Type system, currying concept, immutability data structures, signal… the list goes on. I din’t end up developing any thing with Elm but exposing myself to functional programming had widen myself as a programmer.


Clojure had been mentioned a lot by twitter account I am following. When I start to learn FP, Elm and Clojure are my final options and I opted Elm because of too much parenthesess in Clojure. I had been doing clojure exercise for some time and I start to get use of it. Indeed I am really looking forward to create something with Clojure or ClojureScript.


Below are some books I read(mostly complete) in the year. Thanks to these great books, today I am a better programmer(capable of some devops haha):

Life lesson

In short, I had learn to distrust. Everyday technology keeps popping out and it’s impossible to keep track all the thing. At least until stable release, I would like to spend my time on something else instead of learning bleeding edge technology.

2016, I am ready !

 _____  _____  __    ____ 
/ __  \|  _  |/  |  / ___|
`' / /'| |/' |`| | / /___ 
  / /  |  /| | | | | ___ \
./ /___\ |_/ /_| |_| \_/ |
\_____/ \___/ \___/\_____/

I don’t have 100% I will be writing JavaScript code when I start to work but I will still keep myself get updated and active in this community.

I really look forward into it and I in 2016 here’s what I predict:

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