Redirecting a Page Using Javascript

If you are writing web app using JavaScript heavily, you might need to do redirect on the browser.

window.location object

One of the method we can refer to is the global location object. It does provide some method for us to do the redirect.


Or we can assign the url directly to the object.

location = ""
// more explicit way
location.href = "";

If you want a more explicit way:

window.location.href = "";

Open developer tool and try any of these in the console, you will be redirect, good bye!

(welcome back if you come back from redirect page)

What about jQuery ?

Indeed we can redirect using plain JavaScript, we don’t even need jQuery. However in case you(or your team) insist to write code jQuery-ish, then this willl do the work:

$(location).prop('href', '')

Basically what this does is just take a DOM object and inject a new value to it. So if you know the plain JavaScript way this seems natural to you.

Extra: Reload Page

In some case you might want to force your page to refresh to get latest UI update or anything from server. In that case location.reload would be useful.


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