A Better Typeof in Javascript

In Javascript, there is a typeof operator to indicate the type of operand provided. However, typeof only return object or primitive value.

{% blockquote MDN https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Glossary/Primitive Primitive %} A primitive (primitive value, primitive data type) is data that is not an Object and does not have any methods. {% endblockquote %}

So in short,

This mean that if we use typeof to test primitive values, we will get the result we want except some strange cases.

typeof true === 'boolean'
typeof 100 === 'number'
// strange
typeof NaN === 'number'
typeof null === 'object'

This post explains the strange case. Now let’s see what happened when we test non-primitives.

typeof function() {} === 'object'   // we want function
typeof ["Obviously", "is", "an", "array"] === 'object' // we want array
typeof { name: 'obj' } === 'object' // ok this is good
typeof new Date() === 'object'  // we want date 

So to get the type of those non-primitives, we will use Object.prototype.toString.

var toString = Object.prototype.toString;

toString.call(function() {}) === "[object Function]"
toString.call(["Obviously", "is", "an", "array"]) === "[object Array]"
toString.call({ nane: 'obj' }) === "[object Object]"
toString.call(new Date()) === "[object Object]"

Here, we use call to borrow toString function from Object.prototype. So to make implement this in real work program, we can create a new function.

// create a getRealType function to detect array, function correctly
var realTypes = {
  "[object Function]": "function",
  "[object Array]": "array",

function getRealType(obj) {
  var t = Object.prototype.toString.call(obj);
  if(realTypes.hasOwnProperty(t)) {
    return realTypes[t];  
  return typeof obj
getRealType([1,2,3]) === 'array' // yeah !

Then our new function will be able to return the correct type of function and array. Of course we can extend our function to detect Date, RegExp. Or we can get fancy by using Sting..prototype.slice to make thing easier.

var toString = Object.prototype.toString,

function getRealType(obj) {
  type = typeof obj;
  if(type === 'object') {
    // We know we will get something like '[Object Array]', what we want is 'Array'
    type = toString.call(obj).slice(8, -1);
  return type;

getRealType([1,2,3]) === 'Array'
getRealType(new Date()) === 'Date'

###Conclusion Although sometime Javascript typeof doesn’t provide the detail information we want, we can make it better by using Objecet.prototype.toString. So when we want to detect number, string etc, typeof is really easy and handy. When it comes to array, function etc, typeof returns object, we can use the method above.


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